How much is it worth paying for tools and services?

We are considering paying for a tool/service. Is it worth the investment? What is involved in deciding this?

Bean counting

Break-even from a “pointy-haired boss”, micro-management, perspective.
$10 per month ≈ 1 minute per day of my time.

Motivation-hygiene factors

Motivation: My work is important to the company. It is in the interest of the business to provide good tools so I can get my work done. This makes me feel valued.

Work conditions: Being forced to use sub-standard tools is equivalent to working in an office that is in poor condition. It is not being cleaned. The chair is uncomfortable. The air is stifling. It is either too cold or too hot. There is a lot of noise, and I am constantly getting interrupted from working on the task at hand.


Just let me do my job, okay?


I am not not at all disgruntled in my current situation (actually, I am super motivated and happy about my working conditions), but sometimes you just have to say your piece 🙂