Getting DFUnit

DFUnit lives in GitHub. Get it from

The best way is to use Git. This makes it easier to get updates and to contribute changes.

Here is how you can get DFUnit with TortoiseGit.

First, copy the DFUnit GitHub link:

Then, in Windows Explorer, browse to a suitable location for your project, right click, and select the TortoiseGit action “Git Clone”.

Git clone DFUnit

Make sure the “Recursive” option is selected, so the DataFlexPatterns submodule (and its submodule, vwin32fh) is cloned.

Running DFUnit

Open the DFUnit example workspace in DataFlex Studio. From the Workspace Explorer, select the DFUnit TestRunner project. Hit F5 to run.

All the tests green?

It’s time to write some tests!

Tip: Reducing compile time

Precompiling packages can help to reduce compile times. Open “DFUnit Precompile.pkg” and select Project -> Precompile -> Precompile package



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